Diplomacy and International Relations

The study programme of this speciality is versatile. It consists of three thematic blocks. The first one is formed by general introducing subjects, such as sociology, psychology, political and economic geography of the world, and economy. The second block is broader and consists of political science and historical subjects – the science of politics, political systems, the political system of Poland, the history of international relations, the history of Polish twentieth century or the history of political doctrines. The third block, as the main element of the programme, includes the subjects of international relations and foreign policy. They cover all areas and forms of international life, i.e. international political, economic and cultural relations, foreign policy of powers, international organisations, the issue of European integration and the problems of international, public, diplomatic, consular and commercial law. Lectures are supplemented by exercises, which aim at developing students’ practical skills needed for active participation in international life. These include public relations workshops, negotiation techniques, political marketing and diplomatic protocol.