International and National Security

The speciality has been developed for people who are interested in the issues of security, military and non-military threats in a modern world. In the course of study, a student gains knowledge about the world security processes and security threats, international terrorism, the role of the military factor in a modern world, international and internal conditions of security policy, the principles of operation of the Armed Forces, the role of NATO and the EU in shaping the international security. The purpose of education is to provide the knowledge necessary to perform a variety of administrative and managerial functions in the socio – political and economic life of the country in the era of European integration and intensified globalisation processes. Acquired knowledge and skills will allow for the entry and continuation of education in the centers established by the state and its organs to perform tasks related to ensuring national security. The graduation allows students to work, among others:

  • in the structures of central and local government;
  • in the units and public order services
  • in local government units dealing with the security of citizens and economic operators and emergency response teams