General information about WSSMiA

Information about the Academy of International Relations in Warsaw

The Academy of International Relations and American Studies is an academic non-state university founded in 1997 with the privileges of the state university granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (item 123 in registration). The university conducts BA and MA studies in Political Science.

WSSMiA’s teaching staff consists of lecturers of Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics and other well-known Warsaw schools.

The University conducts a scientific activity – there are present research teams dealing with issues of international security, recent history of Poland and Polish-American themes . There are also organised conferences and lectures of people known from a socio-political life, including the international one. The University works closely with prestigious national and international centers in terms of staff, programmes and training techniques. Students reaching a high grade point average in a semester may receive a Rector’s scholarship. Students of the Academy of International Relations and American Studies may also obtain social grants , including these for disabled people. Students practice in the international organisations and institutions, editorial press, radio and television. For the best students there are organised internships in the United States.

WSSMiA is also the International Agency of Employment and as the first one among Polish universities, it provides graduates with assistance in employment in the United States, Great Britain, Ireland and other European Union countries on substantive positions. We also organise holiday trips for work.

The Academy is also an Authorised Examination Centre for Pearson Language Assessments which altogether with Edexel organises English language examinations LTE – London Tests of English.