Admission requirements

§ 1

This document sets out the principles of recruitment (admission) of candidates by :

The Academy of International Relations and American Studies in Warsaw at full-time and part-time studies.

Submission of applications for studies

§ 2

1 All secondary school graduates having matriculation certificate can apply for the admission to BA studies.

2 All graduates, holding a BA studies degree, can apply for the admission to MA studies. Among these, particularly welcome are graduates of:

  • Administration
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Economy
  • European Studies
  • Finance and Banking
  • History
  • Culture Studies
  • Pedagogy
  • Political Science
  • Social Policy
  • Theology
  • Sociology
  • International Relations
  • Management and Marketing
  • Public Health

§ 3

The studies can start from the winter or summer semester. Recruitment for the winter semester lasts until September 30th, and for the summer semester until  February 15th.

§ 4

1 Applicants submit the following documents :

High school certificate;

The original or copy of BA studies diploma (for people applying for admission to MA studies);

ID Card and passport photocopy;

Filled in personal questionnaire and agreement with the university about the conditions of studying (downloadable from the page) ;

Registration fee receipt (recruitment fee and registration fee);

4 passport-sized photos

2 The candidate is obliged to provide all information required in the application – the questionnaire .

§ 5

Applicants who have completed high school abroad may be admitted if one of the following conditions is fulfiled :

– the certificate obtained abroad contains a clause stating the right to apply for admission to higher education in the country of issue of the certificate

– the certificate is accompanied by a certificate of foreign school authorities or Polish consular post, stating that the certificate’s holder is entitled to apply for admission to study in the country of issue of the certificate

– the foreign certificate will be valid for the chief education officer in accordance with Polish law

– the certificate is of the International Baccalaureate.

Recruitment procedure

§ 6

The documents referred to in § 4 must be submitted at the school establishment at 44 Aleje Jerozolimskie Street, 00-024 Warsaw ( 7th floor) or organised for this purpose at the time of recruitment,  recruitment desks .

§ 7

1 Candidates for all fields of study, which are open for enrollment, are admitted without examination .

2 The order of applications submitting is the main determinant of admission to studies.

3 Dean with the approval of the Rector may make additional eligibility criteria .

§ 8

1 Recruitment  desks of The Academy of International Relations and American Studies perform only information activities, they issue questionnaires (applications for admission to studies) and take documents from candidates.

2 Recruitment desks verify the completeness of documents submitted by the candidate to studies. In a case of the lack of certain data in the questionnaire, they call the candidate to complete them in strictness of refusal of the application.

§ 9

1 People who are not accepted for studies, are given the registration fee back .

2 In the case of resignation from studies of the accepted candidate, the registration fee is not refundable.

3 The date of admission is the day of announcing of the results of the recruitment procedure at the university establishment.

§ 10

1 Candidates accepted to the first year, become students of The Academy of International Relations and American Studies upon matriculation and taking the oath whose content contains the Statute of the University.

2 The condition of the matriculation access is the signing of the civil and law agreement to undertake studies .