The organization of the academic year

The organization of the academic year is based on two semesters: winter and summer. Each semester ends with examination session.

Part-time studies: Dates of meetings in the academic year 2013/2014 will be announced at the beginning of the academic year

Dates of meetings at the Academy of International Relations and American Studies

Winter semester

19th -20th October 2013
9th -10th November 2013
23rd -24th November 2013
7th -8th December 2013
11th -12th January 2014
25th -26th January 2014

Summer semester

8th -9th March 2014
22nd -23rd March 2014
5th -6th April 2014
26th -27th April 2014
17th-18th May 2014
31st May -5th June 2014

Winter exam session: 8th -9th February 2014
Summer exam session: 14th -15th June 2014