Government and local government administration

The speciality is addressed in particular to those who work or wish to work in government or local government administration.

The purpose of education is to provide broad knowledge of administrative law and the manufacturing of learning, interpreting and law applying skills. The emphasis is put on knowledge of the administrative institutions as well as judicial and administrative law, rules for the interpretation of this law, administrative law practices (a presentation of judicature) and a presentation of the theory of organisation and management.

The graduates of government administration have the ability to use advanced knowledge in the field of administrative law, budgeting, management and functioning of institutions in Poland and the European Union. In the course of study the university prepares to perform managerial functions in the civil service and independent work in government, the structures of government, administrative services, businesses, institutions, NGOs, private administration, cultural institutions, bodies of political parties, national institutions and companies cooperating with the EU Member States and their authorities. The graduate has knowledge to self-solve problems, organise work teams and manage them, make decisions while preserving human rights and ethical and legal principles as well as demonstrate creative initiatives.