MA studies

MA studies are professional studies that allow to obtain specialised knowledge and skills in a specific area of ​​education and prepare students for creative work in particular. The studies end with the professional title of MA in Political Science in accordance with the chosen speciality, such as a MA in Political Science in the field of Personnel Counselling and Management.

MA studies require the prior completion of BA studies and last 4 semesters (2 years). We offer MAstudies in a part-time system. An academic year (for a part-time system) starts on 1st  October. The organisation of the academic year is based on two semesters: winter and summer . Each semester ends with an examination session.

The studies are conducted in a system called ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System), which allows students to hold part of their studies at other partner universities, domestic or foreign .

Our universities, as ones of the few, have already adapted studies programmes to the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework, allowing for more efficient and better preparation of students for the needs of the market, including local labour market.