Health policy in Poland and EU

In the programme of speciality of  Health policy in Poland and the EU, in addition to the content provided in the standards of teaching at Political Science studies and the subjects expanding knowledge of the field of study, you will find specialised subjects such as:

1 Health promotion and health education

The main health risks and health problems of the population in Poland. Health promotion at national and local level – a healthy city, a healthy municipality. Professional roles in health promotion. Health education and health promotion. Risk factors and health education . Models of health education. Stages of action and learning centers in the process of health education. Evaluation of the effects of health education. Staff training for health promotion and health education. Legal aspects of health promotion. Priorities for public health in the European Union – the relevance to health care and promotion policy in Poland.

2 Education in the field of economics and finance of health care

The market of health services. The demand for health. Grosman’s model . Romor’s hypothesis and the supply of health care. Financial Planning. Costing. Profit. The threshold of profitability. Pharmacoeconomics . Measuring of outcomes in health care. Economic analysis in health care. The patient as a consumer . Measurement and assessment of the health needs of the patient. Medical staff and remuneration systems. Contracting in health care. The legal basis of contracts. Types and kinds of contracts. The tendering process in health care. Organisational and legal forms in health care. Financing health promotion and prevention.

3 Education in the field of organisation and management in health care

The forms of ownership in health care. Planning in health care and planning in health care establishments. Budgeting – design principles, objectives and tasks. Financing health care establishments – the sources, the rules. Elements of costs in public health care establishments. SWOT analysis (Strengths , Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats) as a management tool . Operational management of the hospital. Human resources in health care. The business plan- the role and functions in the management of health care establishment. Quality Management.

4 Education in the field of social and health insurance

European Union legislation in the field of social security. Insurance risks. Pension benefits – 1., 2. and 3. pillar of pension system. Pension companies . Annuities benefits – eligibility rules establishing, types of incapacity to work, the principles of ruling of incapacity to work. Benefits from a sickness insurance – a sickness benefit, rehabilitation benefits, compensatory allowance, maternity allowance, carer’s allowance. Benefits in respect of accidents at work and occupational diseases – the scope of accident insurance, the types of benefits. Health Insurance in Poland and in the European Union – a system of insurance, national health care system. Mandatory and voluntary insurance.

5 Education in the field of social and health policy

Social security – objectives and functions of social security, social policy instruments in this area. Social assistance – the objectives and functions of social assistance, rules for the granting of social assistance and family benefits. Employment and unemployment – labor market definitions, the essence of unemployment, the rules for granting unemployment benefits . Disability – concepts and definitions, the principles of ruling of the degree of disability, social and professional rehabilitation of disabled people, the State Fund for People with Disabilities, the Charter of Rights of People with Disabilities. The activities of non-governmental organisations – charitable and volunteer activities. Strategic directions of the Minister of Health in the field of social and health policy. Drug policy of the state. The National Health Programme – assumptions, goals, objectives, expectations. State health policy programmes. The main health risks and health problems in Poland. Pathology of the family. Homelessness, homeless assistance system in Poland and in the world.

6 Education in the field of international health issues

The development of international health policy. European NGOs performing in the field of public health. Health issue in the United Nations .

7 Training in forms of health care

Levels and verticals of  health care. Organizational assumptions of health care systems in the world. Health care systems in Poland and the EU countries

8 Education in the field of marketing of health services

The essence of marketing and its evolution. Analysis of marketing environment. Elements of the marketing mix. Marketing services. The specificity of marketing services . Marketing -mix of medical services. Developing of care product / service. Pricing and economic conditions of transactions in medical institutions. Distribution systems of medical services. Promotion of marketing of medical services. Marketing strategies – types and forming. Marketing management in medical services. Marketing and quality of health services.