Public Education

The development and professionalisation of education require well-qualified workers prepared to manage the various types of educational institutions, promote the development of attitudes based on knowledge, plan and organise various kinds of educational projects and be able to use the funds as well as EU funds effectively for development and modernisation of the public education sector .

The purpose of the speciality is to prepare professional staff to work in the planning, designing, education developing and assessing the effectiveness of various educational projects. The graduates will be prepared to work in the wide field of public education , not only in schools, educational institutions, government offices but also they will be prepared to conduct their own training activities.

Only we, in cooperation with the College of Communication , Political Science and International Relations in Warsaw, offer students possibility of taking at the same time post-graduate studies in the field of:

1 Pedagogical Preparation (teaching qualifications)

2 Management in Education (qualifications for the management of educational institutions)

By selecting this speciality and postgraduate studies at the same time, students receive a 50% discount in tuition fees for post-graduate studies. With our offer, the graduates will become more competitive in a tough labour market.