Personnel counselling and Management

The aim of the studies is to prepare professionals and managers of employee services for the management of human resources in terms of the growing importance of human capital in achieving competitive advantage of a company. The studies are carried out by providing expertise in the field of: the trend and the situation on the Polish and European labor market and conditions of leading a business activity, legal requirements and the process of human resources business by providing expertise in the field of labour law, civil and commercial law, administrative law, the practice of modern management of human potential in terms of managing human resources in the company, identifying, formulating and solving problems related to human resources management in enterprises, the use of selected methods of human resources management in the conditions of the company.

The studies enable students to acquire a highly valued in the labour market occupation of a  personnel manager and a training advisor and they prepare for self- further education.

The basic problems of the studies are: the labour market and labour market policy, labour law and the legal aspects of personnel policy, civil and commercial law, international economic relations, international finance, management of a company, social security, profession knowledge, strategy of business development and strategic human resources management, construction, implementation and monitoring of the human resources management, knowledge and competence management, personnel management, a modern system of remuneration, corporate communications, new tasks and responsibilities of personnel services  law and labour market compared with European experience . We confirm specially prepared materials, access to modern literature, meetings with leading practitioners, individual consultations with a range of personal counseling, good organisation and a friendly atmosphere of studies, the best faculty from the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics.