WSSMiA’s Educational Base

WSSMiA’s Educational Base guarantees high studying standards for a large number of students. The WSSMiA’s seat is a very modern, high education-targeted building. It has 2150 sq metres of office surface, a fenced area with a parking lot for about 70 cars. There are two lecture theatre for 140 and 100 students respectively, 7 40-student classrooms, a 5000-volumes library, a reading room, a computer room, a 50-people buffet, a canteen designed for 80 people, 10 staff rooms, 2 front offices, 2 faculty offices and a coatroom for 400 people. Moreover, there is a gym designed for 16 people and sport’s hall. WSSMiA’s building is also adapted for the disabled. There are wide doors, a wheelchair ramp, a lift, handrails and specially equipped toilets. Some of these aforementioned facilities are also to be used by BUPA.